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Q2 2022

Virtual Homes Reality NFTs First Generation Launch.

Q3 2022

Community DAO & VHR Governance Token Farming by the NFT Holders.

Q4 2022

VHR Token IDO Launch on both DEX & Centralized Exchangers

Q1 2023

Creation of Generation II 3D NFTs & free Drops to VHR OGs Citizens.

Q2 - Q3 2023

Tokenization of Traditional Real Estate Ownership Documentations using blockchain Technology .

Q4 2023

Activating VHR Governance Token Use-Case in the Virtual world for all Metaverse projects.

Q1 2024

Major Collaborations with other Metaverse Project

Q2 - Q3 2024

Developing a Metaverse For all Citizens to build their virtual homes.

Q4 2024

Introducing the VHR Market place to buy your Furnishing tools with VHR token.

Q1 2025

Activating VHR Governance Token Use-Case in the Virtual world for all Metaverse projects.

Q2 2025

Citizens will be able to Live, Visit & Interact with other VHR citizens in the Metaverse.



1. Supply?
5555. Of which 355 will be reserved for community wallet & the Devs.

2. Will there be presale?
Yes. 1100 NFTs is made available for presale

3. How do i qualify?
You can qualify in any of these:
-The first 500 to join the community discord and follow on twitter. ( Mandatory)
-Attain level 10 through engagements and invite atleast 5 potential citizens.
- Retweet our pinned tweets and tag 5 persons

4. Presale price?
1.5 SOL each.

5. When is presale?
TBA. Join Discord.

6. Public price?
The remaining 4000 will be minted @ 2 SOL each. And 1 NFT per Transaction.

7. Transaction fees/Gas wars?
No Gas wars. Transactions fees are extremely low on Solana so keep at least 0.05 SOL /transaction.

8. When Public mint?
The public mint date will be announced in the discord. Stay connected.

9. Will there be any airdrop?
Yes, For both the NFT and the VHR TOKEN.

10. How do i qualify?
The airdrops will majorly be for Community members. So, join the community.

11. Will I be able to sell my NFT on the secondary market?
Yes. After the mint, the secondary market place to list your NFTs will be announced.

12. Will I get the rights to use my NFT image?
Yes. Immediately after mint,the ownership belongs to you.

13. Rarity?
Yes. All the NFTs are not the same, some rarer than others thus more valuable.

14. Rarity tool?
Yes we will be listed on and also there will be a Rarity bot to help you determine how rare your NFTs are.

15. Will there be a community token?
Yes. check roadmap for more information on the utility.